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Sanctionned by the World Dance Council

The « World Dance Trophy » sanctionned by the World Dance Council  will be held September 28th and 29th, 2007 at Centre Pierre Charbonneau, Montreal.

All championship categories will be the same as showed in the section
« Ranking competition system for amateur of CDDSC »

There will be different age group for this event as follows :

- Under 16 years old : There is no Championship during the year for this age group, we will give 1 participating point each time that they will enter a competition.
- Youth (16-21)
- Adult 19+
-Senior 35+

- 5 Canadian couples will represent Canada in each categories and age group based on the following:

• The winner of the Canadian Amateur Championship
• All other couples with the highest total of point earned into the Ranking competition system for amateurs of CDDSC based on World Dance Trophy categories.

The selection of the couples will be done after La Coupe D’Art.

This competition will be held under the World Dance Council regulation.

More details will be given in a later date regarding the dress code and the step list authorized.

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