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Hi! Everybody,

As president of the Canadian Dance & Dance Sport Council, I am pleased to welcome you to our WEB site and I invite you to visit all aspects of it.

The aim of the Canadian Dance & Dance Sport Council is to promote the Ballroom dance competition and regroup qualified dance teachers, judges, coaches, scrutineers as well as organizers and professional, amateur and pro-am competitors throughout Canada.

The Canadian Dance & Dance Sport Council is the only Canadian organisation recognized by the World Dance Council. Our activities and decisions are inspired by the policies of the WDC.

The Canadian Dance & Dance Sport Council includes many branches of the Canadian Dance Teachers Association as well as the “Corporation des Professionnels en Danse et Danse Sportive du Québec” (Corpo)

The Canadian Dance & Dance Sport Council implemented many activities such as the Canadian Amateur Championship, the ranking system for scholarship over the last two years and the World Dance Trophy, a championship which will be held on the 28 and 29 of September 2007.

A roster for judges assigned to the Canadian as well as the world championships is now in operation. Besides travelling support, the professionals and amateurs representing Canada at various championships throughout the world are supplied with a jacket fabricated with the distinctive CDDSC colors.

In ending, I would like to wish you, success throughout the year

Yours truly,

Alain Milette