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There have been statements made that professionals in Canada can obtain WDC adjudicator and professional cards without becoming a member of the WDC member body the CDDSC.  This is not true. To firmly quash this rumour we have asked the president of the WDC, Mr Donnie Burns MBE, to provide a statement clarifying the WDC position. He has done so. The following information was provided on March 11, 2007 and is copied below for your information.

I have pleasure in confirming the following:-

WDC adjudicator's cards will not be issued to an adjudicator resident in Canada unless he is a member of the CDDSC

Should the council introduce an on-site registration system, the same will apply, i.e. implementation and validity of registration will be subject to approval by the member body and the applicant being a member of the member body in whose territory the applicant is registering.

The CDDSC is the only recognized organization in Canada that represents ballroom dance professionals nationally and internationally. Its members are CORPO and CDTA Branches who have represented Canada on the WDC since Canada was accepted as a member body.

The following are WDC rules regarding registration for adjudicators and professional competitors.
1.Registration of Adjudicators
Any Adjudicator wishing to Adjudicate outside the area of his home Member Organisation or inside his area for international events must be registered as an International Adjudicator with the World Dance Council in accordance with arrangements to be determined from time to time by the Dance Sport Executive Board and at a fee to be determined from time to time by the Dance Sport Committee.

2.  Nomination of Registered Adjudicators
Only Adjudicators, who are currently fully and paid-up registrants with the WDC Ltd through their member-body, and have been so for the previous three (3) years inclusive, without lapse, shall be eligible for consideration and/or nomination to Adjudicate WDC Granted Titles or expressly recognised events.

1.National Competitor Registration
All Professional competitors must be registered as a dancing couple with their own national organisation, which is a member organisation of the World Dance Council. A dancing couple consists of two people of different sex.

2. International Competitor Registration
At all professional events, where competitors from countries, other than the country, in which the event is being organised, are allowed to participate, every competitor must be in possession of a current WDC International Competitor Registration, applied for through their National Member Organisation.

Please note that the requirements to judge WDC approved world competitions include that the adjudicator have three (3) years continuous registration with the WDC. The annual renewal date for WDC registration for 2007 is March 31. Adjudicators must be registered with CDDSC in advance of that date in order that they are eligible to be accepted by the WDC and the three-year continuous registration rule is not broken. Failure to register by that date will mean you will not be eligible to judge these events for the next three years.

All adjudicators and professional competitors participating outside their member country must have a valid WDC registration card. If you have not yet renewed your CDDSC registration and WDC registration, I urge you to do so as soon as possible and remain part of the internationally recognized professional dance community.

Official registration forms are available on the web site www.cddsc.com (Forms)